Second Time organizing Great Himalaya Trail Nepal 2022

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We always feel overwhalm to organize this big project " Great Himalayan Trail Nepal". As we know that in the trekking industry it consider one of the greatest and biggest challenge in term of time, trail, risk, physical and economy aspect. Each year we organize this project because we would like to play with challenges. In this year our project started on 05 August, 2022 from Simikot. Most company those who organized GHT they normal start their project from Eastern part (Kanchanjunga) But we always begin from western part of Nepal. To do this way we have our own reason. In this year we have 4 clients who will do complete GHT (1700km distance). And there are some other clients who will do some of the parts of GHT. Generally the whole GHT project consist of 10 distinct destinations from east to west Nepal. Which require at least more than 135 days to complete the project.

Departing Staff for GHT

As usual Mr. Naresh Gurung is the protagonist who handle all management part in the filed including staffing, logistic and most important part is decision making. Similarly Mr. Man Bahadur Gurung play as head cook (you can say chef). It is also one the most essential responsibility cause all the people dependent on him. If he didn't cook well. I mean his cooking decision didn't take right place as per the energy requirement to clients as well as staffs in the field, it might spoil the whole trip.

Likewise Mr. Dil Krishna Tamang represent as leader whose duty is fluently deliver whole things in French language that passed throughout the route. It means that Mr. Tamang has to persuade to clients whatever problems or curiosity bring by clients in the field.

Among these, pivotal characters are present by 18 heroes who contribute crucial role by carrying luggages, all trekking equimpements such as tants, utensils and so on.

Generally, most trekking company begin the Great Himalayan Trail from east towards west. But our company has distinct strategies for GHT project so that we always take our first step of GHT from west and end at east. This year our GHT project has started on 03 August, 2022 from Simikot (Humla) via Rara-Dolpo and reached at Kagbeni through passed many passes of Dolpo region. Here are some pictures that took on Simikot-Rara-Dolpo regions.

At SimikotCmap at Ghate Khola

crossing summer streamsdLunch time

Laxman Gurung

Laxman Gurung


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