Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is one of the fascinating trekking destinations in the natural world. Nepal has ample of natural resources that still in the phase of untouched and unexplored till date. There is long and interesting trekking history of Nepal. Bill Tilman deemed as first European trek across a few highest point such as Langtang, Annapurna and Khumbu region, of Nepal between 1949 and 1950 . but there is no any statistical data were official recorded in Nepal. There was no any law regarding tourist visa till 1954 but the government used to provided visa only to diplomat or scholar who were involved in research and any other specific purposes. In the long and persistent request of Boris Lisanevich (Russian) with prevailed king Mahendra, was finally provision tourists visa in Nepal since 1955. Likewise for the first time TOURISM was included in the FIVE YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN. This is how tourism has been developing in Nepal.