Our Team

  • Dhane Gurung
    Managing Director

    Dhane Gurung

    Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung (Dhane), founder of Happy Yeti Adventure, belonged to Lower Manaslu region, Gorkha. He is a veteran of this field since almost 25 years. Mr. Gurung started as porter and now became a leader and owner of a company. He has been almost every parts or touristic destinations of Nepal. In his prime the most valuable achievement he had done guiding a big project "THE GREAT HIMALAYA TRAIL NEPAL. Beyond Nepal he had guided many trips in Ladakh, India and in Tibet (Autonomous region of China).  Before established this company he had served as trekking guide in many destinations through numerous reputetive European companies like Terres d'Aventure, Tiruwa, Tamera etc. Most clients he had served were from France that's why he speak French very fluently. Mr. Gurung admire to take challenges so that he focus on adventures trekking and camping treks and expeditions. Except profession, he has release his own traditional folk songs. He has very clear vision regarding to conservation and preservation of his origin or Gurung Culture and tradition.  

  • Laxman Gurung
    Operating Manager

    Laxman Gurung

    Mr. Laxman Gurung is our most active member in administration. He originated from Dharche-05 (Gumda), Gorkha. Mr. Gurung has been engaging since 2016 in this tourism field. Along side he is studing bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS). He express his first work experience as a porter was quite interesting and painstaking environment. He sincerely take his duties and liabilities. He has both experience thoeritical and practical skill, knowledge and abilities to manage that occurs during the working environment.

  • Laxmi Prasad Gautam

    Laxmi Prasad Gautam

    Mr. Laxmi Prasad Gautam is head department of finance. He is with us since the established of this company. He has performing excellent work from the beginning. He handle all the legal necessary procedure and financial sectors of the company.

  • Lal Bahadur Gurung
    Permit Manager

    Lal Bahadur Gurung

    Mr. Lal Bahadur Gurung is our permit operator who manage permit for the groups. He is very smart and inteligent personnel. Mr. Gurung is very sincere and integrity personality.

  • Bhim Bahadur Gurung
    French Guide

    Bhim Bahadur Gurung

    Mr. Bhim Bahadur Gurung is our senior french speaking guide, originally from Dharch-05, Gorkha (Lower Manaslu). He is with us since this company was established. He has great experience to handling various situation occuring during trek. Beside trekking he has done a few climbing 6000 m as like peaks Mera Peak & Island Peak. Mr. Gurung has an experienced of guiding Great Himalaya Trial. He serve as French and English guide. And he has good knowlegde about Buddhism.  

  • Dil Krishna Tamang
    French Guide

    Dil Krishna Tamang

    Mr. Dil Krishna Tamang, originally from Dolakha, has performing very well his responsibilities during trek. He has an experienced to guiding Great Himalaya Trial. He can fluently speaking french language and already passed all level in it. He also has passion for mountaineering so he is on his way to progressing in mountaineering training. He had lead a few 6000 m peaks like mera peak, Imja Tse etc.

  • Hasta Bahadur Gurung
    Climbing guide

    Hasta Bahadur Gurung

    Mr. Hasta Bahadur Gurung, is a climbing guide, originally from Lower Manaslu (Dharch-04), Gorkha. He serve as climbing guide in expeditions. He has great experince leading in high altitude and had led some sections of Great Himalaya Project 2022. He can fluently speak french as well english. He has an experience more than decade in this toursim field. And on the way to International mountain guide. He completed many mountaineering trainings like, Rock introductory, Rock climbing Level 1, Ice climbing, Rescue training, Wild First Aid Training etc. 

  • Som Bahadur Gurung
    Climbing and Trekking Guide

    Som Bahadur Gurung

    Mr. Som Bahadur Gurung, permanent resident from lower manaslu region (Dharhe-05), Gorkha. He entered in this sector in 2011 being as porter and now became a leader. He is very curious in nature so that always push himself both in physical and inteclectually. He has quite good knowledge about Buddhism and its cultures. Basically he serve French people in trekking because he fluently speak french. He began his climbing career in 2019 by taken some basic climbing training. Till now he has completed Rock Introductory, Rock Climbing Level 1, Navigation, Rescue training. He is waiting for further upgrading his mountaineering traing and skill. 

  • Buddha Gurung
    Trekking Guide

    Buddha Gurung

    Mr. Buddha Gurung, permanent resident from Dharche-05 (Lower manaslu), Gorkha. He has been engaging this profession since 2008. He serve in French and English language. He has great personality and leadership skill to manage the team. He present very appreciable performance in his work.

  • Nar Bahadur Gurung
    Trekking Guide

    Nar Bahadur Gurung

    Mr. Nar Bahadur Gurung, also renowned as Naresh among friends and tourists. Originally from Dharche -04 (Lower manaslu), Gorkha. He is one of the most veteran guide in terms of experience. Talking about his involvement in this field is more than 2 decade. He has no fluent english but can guided very safe and successful trip. He had guided Great Himalaya Trail Nepal twice in 2019 and 2022. Even though lack of fluent speaking english most tourist prefer him because he know the situations how to handle.

  • Om Bahadur Gurung
    Climbing and Trekking Guide

    Om Bahadur Gurung

    Mr. Om Bahadur Gurung, originally from Lower manaslu region. He is also called Maila and he is known as strong man among villagers. He recently climbe the world highest mountain Mt. Everest in 2023 spring. He has great spirit for climbing and explore new destination.

  • Keshap Gurung
    Climbing Guide

    Keshap Gurung

    Mr. Keshap Gurung, is our most sincere and honest climbing guide. Who has been engaging in this field since more than two decades and has already leading many mountain peaks including Annapurna I. And the Great Himalaya Trail is the most highlighted achievement his career.