Terms and Conditions

Advance Booking and Payment

You must pre-book your trek and expedition two months before your arrival in Nepal if you want to travel on an adventure with Happy Yeti Adventure Pvt. Ltd. For maximum customer safety and enjoyment, a three-month preparation period is necessary.

20% of the total cost is required from the customer at the time of reservation. The up front money will be used to book the necessary lodging, flights, guides, and porters. A further 40% must be paid before to the flight to  Nepal by one month. Once you arrive in Nepal, the remaining 40% of the whole price must be paid before your adventure may start.

Bank details:

Account Number: 01906725740018
Swift code/ BIC: HIMANPKA
Mobile: +9779841340915
E-mail: happyyetiadventure@gmail.com


NoteThe customer will also be responsible for paying any imposed fees that are necessary during the transfer, and Happy Yeti Adventure disclaims responsibility for any errors or adjustments made to the aforementioned account number during transfer.

Compliance agreement

The guest is required to comply with all rules and regulation and ordinances during their visit. Any illegal action is strictly prohibited, and the company is under no responsibility to represent a guest who violates the law, whether knowingly or unintentionally. If any illegal behavior on the part of the customers is observed, the company has the authority to alert the police and turn over the clients. If the client is subjected to the hands of authorities as a result of an illegal act, the company is not compelled to give monetary compensation.

Furthermore, the team leader is in charge during the tour/trek/expedition, and his/her decision is final. We chose our team leaders/guides based on years of training and experience in mountainous environments, and we encourage them to do it with any mindsets that drive them against our team leader/guides' instructions for the sake of our clients' safety and wellness. If there is a disagreement between our clients, whether verbal, physical, or otherwise, the company's workers will handle the situation and, if required, call the police.


  1. Late Booking: Bookings made after the departure date can be made as early as 10 days in advance for the spring season (March/April/May) and 5 days in advance for the autumn(September/October/November) season. However, keep in mind that there will be additional expenses.
  2. Incomplete Trek/Expedition/Tour: If the client chooses not to participate in the trek or expedition due to a personal injury or for any other reason, they are not entitled to any reimbursement. Furthermore, clients are not entitled to reimbursement for their money if the government cancels the trek's or expedition's permission due to a natural calamity in the area.

  3. Price, time and additional charge take into account : 

  • The packages offered by Happy Yeti Adventure Pvt. Ltd. are standard and have been prepared by professionals with years of work experience. However, the organization respects the guests' preferences and makes changes to the packages based on the customer's wishes if the client is willing to spend more time and money.
  • In other cases, the standard cost and turnaround time may vary depending on the local environmental conditions. The customer and the business may then decide to adjust the product's price and availability.
  • Price rises are probable as a result of damage to company property, trip delays and lags, demands for additional services beyond those first agreed upon, and other considerations.

4. Early Accomplishment of Trek/Expedition/Tour: The company won't give the customer a refund if a schedule is completed a few days earlier than scheduled. For instance, if a 15 days travel package is accomplished in 12, the company won't refund for the three remained days.

5. Flight cancellation(International/Domestic): If a flight is canceled, unless caused by the company, no cash compensation will be provided. However, in the event of a flight cancellation, it is the agency's responsibility to provide for lodging for consumers.

6.Food and Overnight stay: If an overnight stay is required as a result of problems with or created by the client, or as a result of a domestic or international flight being canceled, the client will be responsible for bearing the cost of the overnight stay and meals. If the stay was required by the agency for those reasons, the agency will be subject to liability for covering the charge.

7. Accommodation: Treks and expeditions frequently take place in challenging terrain. They are very far from amenities of the best quality. It goes without saying that one cannot just expect that everything will always go as routine. Sometimes, even while paying for something, a person may not get exactly what he is looking for. As a hosting company, we try to offer the most reasonable rates. But occasionally, despite our best efforts, we might be unable to keep all of our commitments to customers. We expect our consumers to be patient and adjust to the situation under these circumstances. Most importantly, when making vacation plans, clients must understand exactly what they're getting into.

8. Meal: We have skilled cooks in the trekking (Camping) and mountaineering service sector. The flavor, though, could not be what you're used to from the place you are from. Customers may adhere to the guidelines in the guide while choosing their meal, even though we'll make sure the best cuisine is supplied.

Privacy Policy

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