About Nepal

Nepal is the landlinked country encompasses multiethnic, multingual, multireligious, multicultural characteristics with geogrphical variations, located on the central Himalayas between 26 to 30 N latitude and 80 to 88 east along side China in the North and India in the east, west and south. The spatial character of Nepal roughly rectangular shape. It covered about 1,47,516 square kilometers. Its length from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west is about 885 km. Its average width is 192 km. Its width varies from 190 km to 240 km. 

Topographically, Nepal is classidied into five seperate prime regions: Terai, Siwalik, Middle Mountain, High Mountain, and High Himalayas. Similarly Ecologically, Nepal can be divided into three major geographical regions covering above mentioned five region.

The Himalayan Region

This region covered about 15 % of the country's total land area. Gerenally, in the context of Nepal Himalaya begin from 3000 meter above sea level(masl). This region spreading from 25 to 50 km from north to south. The Himalaya is situated not only in the northern side; there are mountain ranges in the south which can be seen from the northern part of the country. For example, Mustang, Manang etc. lie to the north of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Gangapurna. Mustang and some parts of Dolpa lie to the north of Dhawalagiri Churen Himalaya. From those places, the Himalaya is seen in the south. The world's higher and beautiful mountain peaks lie in the Himalaya section of Nepal. Kanchanjungha,Janak, Umbak, Mahalangur, Rolwaling, Pumori, Jugal, Lantang, Ganesh, Serang, Kutang, Mansiri, Pero, Nigiri, Gorkha and so on. All total there are 28 mountain ranges extended serially from east to west. 

The Hilly Region

The Hilly area start with the altitude of above 500 masl till 3000 masl. Which occupied around 68 % of the total land. It lies in the middle part of the country, Himalaya in the north and Terai in the south is full of high and low hills, wide and narrow valleys, Doons, lowland and plateau and terraced slopes. The width of the region ranges from 76 to 125km. It is consist of 29 districts which is considered largest area of the country.

The Terai Region

The Terai is the lowest and plain region of the country abrupt from 60 masl to 500 masl, located southern part with 17 % land covered bordered with India.The width of the region is between 25 to 30 km.  The region is renowned as granary store of Nepal. There lie 18 districts.